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Have you had a career break and would like to go back to practising? Have you had a family and have decided to start working again? Optom Academy provide courses specifically for those that would like to return to work after having had some time out from practising.

This includes online zoom tutorials – refresher of core topics

We also provide practical training such as Ret, Volk and Slit Lamp skills for those that need more confidence in certain techniques.

The online sessions are priced at £45 for an hour and we can cover whichever topics you would like. The practical days which would involve patients are priced at £190 for half a day or £250 for the full day. For the practical days you would be expected to travel to West Midlands. Notes and handouts are provided.

We have been providing this course for 5 years and have helped many practitioners back into optometry after career breaks. This includes those taking a break due to ill-health, and those who have been travelling or tried an alternative career and are coming back to optics.

It is run on a mutually convenient date and time for both parties


Please contact us if you are interested in refresher training

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