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We have recently started helping International students who need help to pass their PQE’s in order to practise as an Optometrist in the UK. We normally ask you to come to our practice and we provide – one to one tutorials – we also watch you do a sight test – CL fitting and aftercare – carry out BV assessments on patients with a BV problem We also provide notes and test you on many cases. If you would be interested in using this service please contact us using the enquiry form. The price is set at £250 for a full day. We can also organise online one to one tutorials and are happy to look over case records. Please contact us for more information. img_8853 Information on registration – International Students The GOC interview is basically about an optometrist’s daily routine. It is done in the presence of 2 or 3 College assessors. They want to know how you would see a patient that walks into your practice. They usually ask follow-up questions based on what you say. The questions are centered around pediatrics, applanation tonometry, use of drugs and indirect ophthalmoscopy. It’s important to know who to dilate, drugs for dilation, precautions and be able to describe in detail any procedure to be carried out in the process. For registration, first step is to sit the English language exam – IELTS Academic and score at least overall Band 7. Graduation certificate, proof of undergraduate courses, documents from past University and a letter of good standing from the local Optometry Board will also be needed. It is after the review or approval of these documents that the interview described above is scheduled. If the interview is successful, the Optometrist is given the approval for pre-registration scheme. If the assessors are not satisfied, the optometrist is asked to undertake some courses or do some clinicals in certain arears and fill a logbook before starting the pre-registration scheme. Things change, so it would be best to contact the GOC to find out what is required for registration. The email address is Please note that an important requirement is that the optom must have been working/active at least for a period of time in the last 2 years. If dormant, the optom will have to undertake refresher courses.

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