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Online tutorials and CPD events

A refund will made if cancellations are received, in writing at least 3 working days before the event. Once the link (and handout if required) is sent for the event, refunds cannot be given. Bookings cannot be transferred to other events and unfortunately, no recordings will be shared.

OA Optomise tutorial purchases

The lectures and handouts are for the registered user only. The registered users log in details, access to lectures/handouts purchased and the contents of these must not be shared with anyone else.

Optom Academy Platinum package

Due to the discount provided with the package, refunds cannot be given.

·       Please email queries to info@optomacademy.com or direct message us on Instagram @optom.academy between 8am-8pm

·       We endeavour to respond within 24 hours on a working day and 48 hours during weekends/bank holidays.

·       Please ask questions in advance and not last minute i.e. 3 hours or night before an assessment or exam means we may not reply to you in time.

·       Please watch the relevant tutorial(s) first and then ask us questions if you do not understand anything from there.

·       If there is something that requires further research and thus a delay in the reply, the query will be acknowledged and then replied to in due course.

·       IMPORTANT: we cannot provide clinical advice on specific cases you have seen in practice: in these situations, please discuss with your supervisor or contact the College of Optometrists clinical advisers.

·       We will try our best to help you with a query however if this is something outside our remit, we may direct you to your supervisor and/or clinical advisers

·       We cannot provide advice on store related or employment issues – please direct such queries to your manager, head office or the AOP.

·       Whilst we will provide most answers or resources to assist you, we aim to make you think about the topic and develop your own answers, which will be invaluable when you are sitting the Stage 2 assessment and OSCES.

  •  An example of a question we will not answer:

 “Can you let me know which cranial nerve palsy results in a ptosis?”

Our reply would be: “please firstly watch the BV tutorial (as the answer is in there) and ask us any questions you may have afterwards.”

  •  An example of a question we will answer:

 “Having watched your BV tutorial, I am not clear as to why a 3rd nerve palsy results in a ptosis. Can you please explain?”


 Mock OSCEs and practical workshops

A refund will be made if cancellations are received, in writing at least 2 weeks before the event. We regret that any cancellation after this cannot be refunded, and that refunds for failure to attend the event cannot be made, and bookings cannot be transferred to other events.

The mock OSCE ticket should only be booked after successful completion of  Stage 2. If no confirmation has been received about Stage 2 results or if a resit is required, we will be unable to provide a refund or transfer if this occurs less than 2 weeks before the event.


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